Policy Statement
Effective October 16, 2021, Calabogie Ski Racing Club (herein referenced as The Club)
requires all participants eligible for vaccination against Covid-19 in the Province of their principal residence to be fully vaccinated prior to participating in any events sanctioned by The Club and to demonstrate confirmation of their vaccination status. Reasonable accommodation will be given to participants who become eligible for vaccination during the season.

The Club participants include athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers. The Club sanctioned
events include, but are not limited to, any formal or informal club activities such as training,
races, social events and volunteer activities.  Compliance with this policy is mandatory and failure to comply will result in not being able to participate in The Club sanctioned events. This policy may be amended subject to changes in guidance from public health authorities.

2. Reason for Policy
The health and safety of all of The Club participants is the top priority of The Club. Thepur pose of this policy is to protect the health and safety of all of The Club participants in a manner consistent with current Federal and Provincial public health policy requirements and recommendations. In addition to other public health measures, this policy is necessary to further prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 due to the risk factors for COVID-19 infection that are present while participating in The Club sanctioned events

3. Confirmation of Vaccination
Confirmation of vaccination must be demonstrated upon request by The Club in the form and manner specified by The Club. Each participant will have an obligation to demonstrate confirmation of vaccination status which will be noted in their membership file. No additional records will be retained by The Club regarding vaccination status.

4. Exceptions
If a participant has a medical reason for not getting vaccinated, they should submit a note from a licensed physician to The Club Health & Safety Committee for review

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy