Partners in Safety

The Calabogie Ski Racing Club has

earned a reputation for hosting top

quality, safe races for all athletes.  The

Partners in Safety initiative was created

to help us continue hosting races of the highest standard by raising the funds to replace our aging b-netting (and other safety equipment) as necessary.  All funds received from our sponsors will be used for that purpose.

Companies interested in sponsoring the Partners In Safety initiative for the 2017/2018 ski season are asked to contribute $1000 (representing the cost of one roll of b-netting) to the initiative.  In exchange, the CSRC will provide the following marketing benefits to our sponsors:

  • recognition of your sponsorship on CSRC's website together with a link to your website
  • recognition of your sponsorship at all races hosted by CSRC via verbal announcements 
  • recognition of your sponsorship at all races hosted by CSRC on a prominent sign bearing the names of all sponsors
  • recognition of your sponsorship on any event clothing designed for selected CSRC events
  • cooperation from CSRC in distributing promotional items donated by your company at agreed upon events

We would encourage you to consider sponsoring this important initiative which will assist us in continuing our commitment to promoting safety within our ski community and which will assist CSRC in maintaining reasonable fees for our athletes.

Please contact club President  Brian Ivay - brivay@yahoo.com​ ​ to further discuss sponsorship opportunities.

The following sponsors are Calabogie Ski Racing Club's Partners in Safety!