• Racers require hard shell ski racing helmets
  • GS helmet requires hard shell ear covering which can also be used for slalom
  • FIS certification (see helmet sticker image) required for GS and Speed events for all nationally pointed races for U14 and older


  • U10 and above need slalom skis
  • U14 and above need slalom and GS skis
  • U14 and above may choose to have SG skis as well for speed events
  • Skis need to be sharp and properly maintained
    • Tuning usually required every week during training and before every race
    • Tuning services and DIY clinics are available at local retailers
    • CSRC will host a tuning clinic in the race trailer early in the season

Race Protection

  • U14 and above need slalom race protection (i.e. shin, pole, face guards)
  • U14 and above need skin suits
  • Back protectors are required for speed events (e.g. SG) and are recommended for GS