Coordinator of Coordinators - Katie Hogan

U10 Coordinator - TBD

U12 Coordinator - Gary Stordy (

U14 Coordinator - Kelly Nelson (

U16 Coordinator - Chris Gropp (

U18/21 Coordinator - Tammi Forget (

Calabogie Ski Racing Club is a competitive alpine ski racing program focused on the development of youth into competitive athletes and responsible young adults.  Our club delivers an athlete-centered program that encourages personal growth and develops individual potential.  It is coach-driven and supported by a parent and volunteer infrastructure. Our club adheres to the structure established by our governing body, Alpine Canada Alpin, and is an active member within the National Capital Division of Alpine Ontario.

The Calabogie Ski Racing Club is a Not-For-Profit Corporation.  The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws by which we operate are available on this page.   

The Directors of the corporation are: ‚Äč

Other Club Executives are: 

Club Information

Timing - Stephane Gagnon (

Equipment - Andrew Zulpo
Social Media -  Chris Gropp & Amber Comisso
Volunteers - AJ Neil
Volunteer Lunches - Kara Gilby
Merchandise/Clothing - Amber Comisso
Sponsorship - Gary Stordy (

Age Group Coordinators:

President - Brian Mckittrick -
Secretary/Membership - Megan Monkman -
Treasurer - Nick Hogan -
Programs - Matt MacMillan -
Officials - Carol Mothersill -
Board Director - Alain Goudreault -
Past President - Brian Ivay -