U10 Coordinator - Katie Hogan- csrcskiclub@gmail.com

U12 Coordinator - Andrew Zulpo - csrcskiclub@gmail.com

U14 Coordinator - Matt Macmillon - csrcskiclub@gmail.com

U16 Coordinator - Debbie Van Zijl- csrcskiclub@gmail.com

U18/21 Coordinator - Tammi Forget - csrcskiclub@gmail.com

President  Brian Mckittrick - bmckittr@gmail.com

Secretary/Membership - Jenn Gropp - Jennygropp2@gmail.com

Treasurer - Sean Cunliffe - csrcskiclub@gmail.com

Programs - Monica Kunstadt Landon - monica@kunstadt.com

Officials - Carol Mothersill - carollmothersill@gmail.com 

Timing & Calculations - Alain Goudreault - goudtogo@gmail.com

Past President - Brian Ivay - brivay@yahoo.com

Chief of Photography/Cinematography - Chris Gropp

Club Information

The Calabogie Ski Racing Club is a Not-For-Profit Corporation.  The Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws by which we operate are available on this page.   The directors of the corporation are:


The offices of the corporation and the current holders of those offices are: