Please fill out this form to begin the registration process.  After submitting this form, you will receive an invitation to join our private TeamSnap website where additional information will be requested.  Returning athletes still need to be registered using this form, however, your TeamSnap account from last season will still be valid. 

Coaching staff will be hired/assigned based on the registration numbers as of September 30, 2018, therefore athletes who are not registered by that deadline are not guaranteed a spot in the club.

The registration fee will be established in the fall, and will be due at the start of regular training, which is usually mid-December.  For budgeting purposes, the fees for 2017 were $999.

Age groups are based on the birth year.  The following are the birth years for each age group for the 2018-2019 season:

  • U10: 2009 or 2010
  • U12: 2007 or 2008
  • U14: 2005 or 2006
  • U16: 2003 or 2004
  • U18: 2001 or 2002
  • U18 FIS: 2001 or 2002